Art Portfolio Instructor

Hiring Part-Time
  • Post Date: October 20, 2019
  • Apply Before: December 31, 2050
Job Description
  • Youway Canada is well-deserved "the first brand of study abroad service in Toronto"
  • Have the most abundant Canadian quality college resources, government resources
  • Paid training during the internship to provide basic system business learning
  • Double pay and benefits system, so that every effort is rewarded
  • Three-dimensional upswing, 100% of management positions through internal promotion
  • Mature pipe culture system, "Whampoa Military Academy" in Toronto education consulting industry
  • Flexible internal transfer platform mechanism to provide multiple job opportunities to "find the best of yourself"
  • Diversified on-the-job training system, excellent path to accompany you to "learn endless, break through self"
  • Provide monthly study tours and learning opportunities, “Zero Distance” to learn about the latest developments in Canadian education
  • Enterprises implement partial management, “respect your opinions and listen to every voice”
  • Young and passionate working environment, not restrained, the average age of colleagues is 26 years old

Negotiable Salary

"Academic Requirements"

  • Bachelor’s degree or above in a major from a well-known arts college in North America, or
  • Bachelor’s degree or above in a major in a well-known arts college in China, or
  • Have good artistic abilities, with relevant academic qualifications
  • Relevant academic qualitifications include: graphic design, illustration design, display design, visual communication, fine arts, environmental design, architecture, interior design, industrial design, photography, animation design, game design, interaction design, film and television production, digital media, multimedia design, jewelry design, fashion design, textile design, art management, fashion and luxury goods management, etc.

「Skill requirements」

  • Specializing in various artistic creation forms, such as sketching, watercolor, acrylic, computer drawing, illustration, calligraphy, sculpture, printing, etc; or
  • Expertise in graphic design, proficiency in Photoshop, AI (Illustrator), CoreIDraw, InDesign and other software; or
  • Expertise in digital media, such as VR2D, 3D animation, VR game design, UI design, video editing, etc.; or
  • Expertise in fashion design, such as: clothing design, jewelry design, fashion design, textile design, etc.; or
  • Expertise in interior design, skilled in illustrating interiors and architecture and proficient in software such as AutoCAD, Sketchup, 3DMax, Rhino, Revit, Vray, etc.; or
  • Expertise in film and television production, photography, storyboard design, character design, concept art, etc.; or
  • Expertise in video editing and proficiency in video editing software as: FinalCut, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Capture One, Adobe, etc.;
  • Expertise in visual language and artistic expression, composition and experimentation, media development materials, art history research and theory, design process, creative techniques and other professional theories.

「Teaching Skills/Experience Requirements」

  • Insights on what North American art colleges look for in student portfolio;
  • Passionate about art education and training, with unique teaching styles and philosophies;
  • Deeply familiar with the preparation of art/design portfolios and the strengths and weaknesses of Chinese art students;
  • Strong classroom management skills in developing a lively and active learning atmosphere, bringing enthusiasm to the classroom;
  • More than 1 year of art portfolio tutoring or related teaching experience;
  • Passion about education and training, helping students grow, and a high degree of initiative and responsibility;
  • Professionalism and good ethics, good communication skills, a good sense of teamwork, and support the mission and vision of the company
  • Teach art portfolio preparation courses;
  • Develop lesson plans according to the needs and goals of students,
  • Supervise and manage student development, while focusing on portfolio requirements of well-known art universities in North America;
  • Regularly monitor students’ progress in class and assist students in portfolio preparation;
  • Write teaching logs, record students' progress, and provide timely feedback to education consultants;
  • Conduct teaching and research discussions, optimize teaching materials, and develop relevant training materials.
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