Part-time Educational Consultant

Job Description
  • Youway Canada is well-deserved "the first brand of study abroad service in Toronto"
  • Have the most abundant Canadian quality college resources, government resources
  • Paid training during the internship to provide basic system business learning
  • Double pay and benefits system, so that every effort is rewarded
  • Three-dimensional upswing, 100% of management positions through internal promotion
  • Mature pipe culture system, "Whampoa Military Academy" in Toronto education consulting industry
  • Flexible internal transfer platform mechanism to provide multiple job opportunities to "find the best of yourself"
  • Diversified on-the-job training system, excellent path to accompany you to "learn endless, break through self"
  • Provide monthly study tours and learning opportunities, “Zero Distance” to learn about the latest developments in Canadian education
  • Enterprises implement partial management, “respect your opinions and listen to every voice”
  • Young and passionate working environment, not restrained, the average age of colleagues is 26 years old
  • Successful application, monthly CAD$900 base salary + business commission;
  • “Part-time study planner” average monthly salary CAD$900 to CAD$2,100;
  • Technical and management two-way promotion channel
  • College and undergraduate study
  • Strong learning ability
  • Have absolute moral standards and professional ethics, strong logical thinking and reverse thinking ability
  • Excellent communication skills, language skills, and writing skills
  • Strong execution and pressure resistance
  • Dignified and affable
  • Receiving customers and providing comprehensive information and professional information to customers
  • Understand customer needs and develop a comprehensive study plan for them
  • Tap to follow up potential customers and promote signing
  • Review customer application materials, cooperate with copywriters, follow up on application progress, complete college and visa application
  • Protect customer contact and maintain customer relationships.
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter

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