Vietnam Marketing Specialist

  • Post Date: February 1, 2019
  • Apply Before: July 30, 2050
Job Description
  • Youway Canada is well-deserved "the first brand of study abroad service in Toronto"
  • Have the most abundant Canadian quality college resources, government resources
  • Paid training during the internship to provide basic system business learning
  • Double pay and benefits system, so that every effort is rewarded
  • Three-dimensional upswing, 100% of management positions through internal promotion
  • Mature pipe culture system, "Whampoa Military Academy" in Toronto education consulting industry
  • Flexible internal transfer platform mechanism to provide multiple job opportunities to "find the best of yourself"
  • Diversified on-the-job training system, excellent path to accompany you to "learn endless, break through self"
  • Provide monthly study tours and learning opportunities, “Zero Distance” to learn about the latest developments in Canadian education
  • Enterprises implement partial management, “respect your opinions and listen to every voice”
  • Young and passionate working environment, not restrained, the average age of colleagues is 26 years old
  • Base salary + performance bonus + year-end bonus + immigration opportunity
  • High initial salary and commission for both the internship period and the contract employment period
  • Average monthly salary: CAD$2,000-$8,000.
  • Service for more than one year, plus "Canada Labor Market Assessment LMIA" EE can add 50 points;
  • Service for more than two years, providing "An Ontario PNP Employer Guarantee" plus 600 points;
  • Service for more than three years, participating in year-end corporate dividends;
  • Service for more than four years, providing official vehicles (the Mercedes-Benz C300 or BMW 328 equivalent), allotment and allocation of options.
  • Proficient in Vietnamese and Chinese (English has literacy);
  • College diploma or above
  • Strong market research and analysis capabilities;
  • Clear and concise writing and language communication skills;
  • Strong learning ability;
  • Proficient in office software;
  • Ability to process multiple projects at the same time, with strong resistance to pressure;
  • Good at time management and personal organization management, with strong organizational and project management skills;
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Experience in sales, marketing, overseas study or education is a plus.
  • Conduct research and reports on the status quo of studying abroad in the Canadian and Vietnamese markets,

  • Conduct research and reports on competitors and competitive services in the overseas study market in Vietnam;

  • Incorporate market research into company's current services to perform service updates and changes;

  • Coordinate with Marketing Department to formulate and implement promotion strategies;

  • Work with training team to develop and implement training plans;

  • Work with the planning team to develop and execute sales strategies.

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