Youtu Canada Recruitment Terms and Employment Privacy Statement

Youtu Canada Recruitment and EmploymentPrivacy statement
If you useExcellent way CanadaOnline recruitment, we collect and process your personal data for recruitment purposes.
We may also use cookies and other tracking technologies and our same technology for marketing (including customer relationship management (CRM) databases, targeted emails, and aggregate and analyze personal data) to provide individuals with a personalized online experience, send aboutExcellent way CanadaInformation on employment and opportunities, and analyze the effectiveness of our recruitment efforts and resources.
onExcellent way CanadaMore information on how to use your data during the recruitment process can be found below or found on the job search website.
Introduction/Who is collecting your personal data?
When you applyExcellent way CanadaWhen working,Excellent way CanadaYour personal data will be collected and used during recruitment and any employment process. As stated in this privacy statement,Excellent way CanadaYour personal information may be retained and used for the following "Excellent way CanadaHow to use your personal information? The purpose described in the section. See below for detailsExcellent way CanadaInformation about you that may be received from a third party.
"Excellent way Canada" or "we" means personal data relating to the collection, use and maintenance of your job application, our recruitment, talent management processes, and any hiring process (if you are sent a notice of employment)Excellent way CanadaRelated parties and subsidiaries.
The end of this privacy statement is provided by country and its contact information.Excellent way CanadaComplete list.
What personal information will you collect from Youto Canada?
The type of information you request and how you collect and access it depends on the requirements of the country in which you work, not the requirements of the country in which you live.
Excellent way CanadaThe following types of data will be collected:
  • Your personal details;
  • Data submitted by you in your CV/CV, letter, written sample or other written materials;
  • Interviewers and recruiters based on their interactions with your contacts or basic Internet searches;
  • Data provided by a third-party headhunting agency, recruiter or job site (if applicable);
  • a suggestion provided by someone on your behalf;
  • Documents required by immigration law;
  • Data relating to your previous employment situation, education, and, if applicable, credit history, criminal records or other data obtained during the background review process;
  • Data relating to your health or disability (if such data relates to your ability to work, available hours of work or workplace facilities), subject to statutory restrictions on the time at which such data is collected and other applicable restrictions.
  • Data related to race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, and self-identification of LGBT status for use in prescribed government reports and for understandingExcellent way CanadaThe diversity of the workforce.
One way we collect information is to use cookies. A cookie is a small information file that is used to save and retrieve information about your access to our tools and websites. Please check out ourCookie policyFor more information.
You don't need toExcellent way CanadaProvide any requested information, but failure to provide this information may prevent you from continuing to apply as a candidate for the job you desire.
You can access this statement at any time by logging into the system with your username and password.
By submitting your information, you acknowledge that all statements you make are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief, and that you have not intentionally conceal any relevant adverse information. Providing any inaccurate information may void your employment.
How does Optima Canada handle your personal data?
Excellent way CanadaYour personal data will be used for the following purposes in accordance with the following legal basis:


Legal basis

Evaluate your position for the job and other positions you may offer in the future.

based onExcellent way CanadaEnsure that they are recruiting the legitimate interests of the right employees.

Manage your application.

based onExcellent way CanadaEnsure that they are recruiting the legitimate interests of the right employees.

It is easy to communicate with you.

based onExcellent way CanadaEnsuring the legitimate interests of proper communication within the organization and with you.

Perform administrative functions (such as reimbursement of expenses related to your interview).

based onExcellent way CanadaEnsure that they are recruiting the legitimate interests of the right employees.

Perform data analysis, including analysis of all of our applicants to better understandExcellent way CanadaApplicants for jobs and how to attract top talent.

based onExcellent way CanadaEnsure that it continues to improve the legitimate interests of the recruitment process.

In some cases, record your online interview for review by other recruiters and admissions managers.

based onExcellent way CanadaEnsure that they are recruiting the legitimate interests of the right employees.

If you register on our job site, we will enter you into the database so that you can receive it in the future.Excellent way CanadaPosts and events for mail.

based onExcellent way CanadaEnsure that they are recruiting the legitimate interests of the right employees.

Transfer only your contact information to CAREER.UTOCANADA.COM (a website we maintain) to inform you of new positions that may be of interest to you. Your contact information will be used by CAREER.UTOCANADA.COM to send you an invitation for futureExcellent way CanadaRecruitment activities provide job reminders and invitations, as well as follow-up reminders. If you do not reply to these messages, your contact information will be retained by CAREER.UTOCANADA.COM only to ensure that we will not contact you again. If you join CAREER.UTOCANADA.COM, you can opt out of receiving messages and reminders in the future. Please note that CAREER.UTOCANADA.COM is an independent and unique service that can be registered on our job search website.

based onExcellent way CanadaEnsure that they are recruiting the legitimate interests of the right employees.

Perform any reporting obligations required by law and respond to legal proceedings.

Obey legal obligations.


If the above table mentions that we are pursuing a specific purpose based on legitimate interests, we do consider your potential interests, fundamental rights and freedoms, and whether our processing activities may affect your potential interests, fundamental rights and freedoms. By balancing the purpose of the process, the security of your data, and our existing relationships with us, we balance your interests, rights and freedoms with our interests. Based on this balanced consideration and informing you of the processing activity in a very transparent manner, we believe that processing your data will not have a significant impact on any of your interests, rights and freedoms. If you would like more information on our balance considerations, please contact us.
If the applicable law mandates consent, we will obtain your consent before processing your personal data for the above purposes.
Excellent way CanadaYour personal data will not be used for any other purpose that is not in accordance with the purposes set out in this privacy statement, unless required by law or authorized to use us, or used in accordance with your personal interests (for example, in a medical emergency).
From what source does Youto Canada get your personal data?
Excellent way CanadaYou may get data about you from the following sources:
  • From you, when you submit your resume or other information online;
  • From otherExcellent way CanadaRelated party;
  • Through conversations with recruiters and with hire managers and othersExcellent way CanadaInterviews by staff or representatives (some of which may be recorded), as well as Internet searches from these individuals, or they may be obtained from job seekers or professional online sites (eg, LinkedIn, etc.) Personal data;
  • From a previous employer;
  • From a third-party recruiter, a staff dispatch company, or through one of themExcellent way CanadaWebsite.Excellent way CanadaUnsolicited resumes from third-party recruitment agencies are not accepted, but such organizations are sometimes used in accordance with written agreements. Any resume or other candidate information submitted outside of the established candidate submission guidelines and without written agreement or other agreement (including through the job search website or by email to anyExcellent way CanadaEmployees) will be considered as providedExcellent way CanadaUse, and if the candidate isExcellent way CanadaHire, no fee for this; and
  • From background review (if applicable). Where permitted by law,Excellent way CanadaA third party may be hired for a pre-service background review. The content of the background review information varies from country to country to meet local requirements, but may include information collected from publicly available sources, your previous employer or colleague, the school you attended, the credit bureau, and the criminal record database. You will receive more information about the nature of this background review before you begin your background review. If required by applicable local law, you may be required to directExcellent way CanadaProvide some background review information (which may include sensitive data).
Who can access your personal data? Where are they located?
In general, access to your personal data will be limited to minimizeExcellent way CanadaPersons in the global organization who need access for the purposes specified in this privacy statement, which may include your prospective manager and its designee, human resources, IT, compliance, marketing, legal, financial and accounting, and internal audit And other department staff.
As a company with multiple divisions, your personal data may be transferred to otherExcellent way Canadaoffice.Excellent way CanadaDevelop an internal policy to ensure thatExcellent way CanadaThe same level of protection is implemented within the organization. Transfer your personal data to otherExcellent way CanadaThe office will be subject toExcellent way CanadaBinding with regulated company regulations.
In addition, where necessary,Excellent way CanadaYour personal data may be shared with third parties. Before sharing your personal data,Excellent way CanadaSteps will be taken to protect your personal data. Any service provider or professional consultant who obtains your personal data will need and should protect the confidentiality and security of your personal data and will only use your personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws. Third parties in the following categories can access your personal data:
  • Recruiter who works with the division where you apply for the position. These people may be located in different divisions;
  • Hiring managers and other interviewers. Usually these people will be in the department where the position is located, but in some cases they may belong to other departments;
  • Personnel performing administrative and IT support functions;
  • Authorized personnel working at our service providers, including:
    • Engage companies that perform background checks (if applicable). These companies may be located in another country and may obtain data from other countries where you have lived, worked or studied, and this data may be used for background review. You will receive more information about any such review before you begin your background review;
  • Government officials, or law enforcement agencies or private litigants, who may be required to perform legal reporting requirements in order to respond to effective enforcement procedures (writs, subpoenas or court orders);
  • Reorganize, merge, sell, joint venture, transfer, assign or otherwise dispose of all or any part with any offer or actualExcellent way CanadaA third party related to a business, asset or stock (including any bankruptcy or similar process). A third party related to any proposed or actual customer project.
How long will Goodway Canada retain my personal data?

If you receive and acceptExcellent way CanadaAdmission notice, the personal data collected during the period before your entry will become youExcellent way CanadaPart of the personnel record and will be employed by youExcellent way CanadaRetained during the period and after the termination of the employment relationship. in caseExcellent way CanadaDo not hire you,Excellent way CanadaMay retain and use the personal data collected during the recruitment process to consider your new position and, where appropriate, if youExcellent way CanadaSubmit your resume or other information and refer to your previous application. These retained personal data may also be used for system management, research and analysis, and invitation to join UTOCANADA CAREER.

Excellent way CanadaDetermine the retention period for your information based on the following retention criteria:
  • Excellent way CanadaYour personal data will be retained for the duration of your relationship with you;
  • Excellent way CanadaYour personal data will be retained in accordance with the law;
  • Excellent way CanadaWill be for protection or improvementExcellent way CanadaRetain your personal data by legal status (such as statutory legal statutes, litigation or regulatory investigations).
How to protect your personal data.
Excellent way CanadaTake organizational, technical, and physical security measures to protect your data from loss or misuse. If we hire a third-party vendor to provide services that may give them access to your personal data, we will require similar security controls by contract.
How to obtain a copy of YouTou Canada's internal privacy policy, request access to your personal data or contact us to ask questions or feedback.
You have the right (in the case of applicable law, in accordance with the prescribed conditions and subject to exceptions):
  • Request access to your personal data: This right gives you the right to request access to personal data that we process about you, as well as certain information about this processing;
  • Request to correct your personal data: This right gives you the right to request correction or refinement of any inaccurate or incomplete personal data about you;
  • Request to delete your personal data: This right gives you the right to request the deletion of your personal data, including personal data that is no longer necessary for the purpose;
  • Objection to your personal data: This right gives you the right to ask us to stop processing your personal data;
  • Restrictions on processing your personal data: This right gives you the right to ask us to process your personal data only in limited circumstances, including your consent;
  • Request a copy of your personal data or transferable documents: This right gives you the right to obtain a copy of the personal data you have provided to us.
If your personal data is processed based on your consent, you have the right to contact at any time.You Tu Canada Human Resources SupervisorTo withdraw this consent. Please note that this will not affectExcellent way CanadaHave the right to process personal data that has been obtained before your consent is withdrawn, and will not affectExcellent way CanadaHave the right to continue processing some data in addition to your consent, based on other legal grounds.
in spite ofExcellent way CanadaCommit and strive to protect your personal data, but if you believe that your data protection rights have been violated, you have the right to always submit to the country in which you live, the country in which you work, or the regulatory agency in the country where you believe it has violated data protection laws. Complaint.
You can also contact us at hr@youtucanada.comHuman supervisorcontact.